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Premier criminal legal assistance when you need it the most

Criminal law representation in Aberdeen

Appointments from 7.30am

2015-11-16 01:01:20

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Road Traffic Offences

Drug Related Offences



Sexual Offences

Breach of the Peace

Representation and advice in criminal law

The cold, hard fact is that if you’re accused of criminal activity, it can ruin you. It’s a very serious situation and it requires a very serious reaction. Contacting Lefevre Litigation in Aberdeen is the decision you should make – we are specialists in criminal law, providing both representation and advice of an outstanding quality.

A professional team with a history of excellence

Lefevre Litigation is formed around the legal expertise of Gregor Kelly, Lynne Freeland and Liam McAllister, a team with thirty years of combined experience and a wealth of accolades in the legal profession. This experience, combined with the different approaches of three professionals, leads to an excellent level of knowledge and expertise which can be applied to any criminal law situation.

We know the pitfalls of criminal law

Criminal law is very complex – it has to be when the subject is so varied and so important. This is not something which you want to take any chances on. As specialists in criminal law, we command a degree of knowledge which makes us the first choice in Aberdeen. We have extensive experience defending high end clients including large companies. There is not a criminal law challenge which is beyond Lefevre Litigation.

For exceptional criminal law representation