What to do when charged with assault

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Assault is a serious crime

The legal and social penalties for being found guilty of assault are grave. This is important, because violence must remain absolutely unacceptable and punished as such in our society. If you find yourself charged with assault, good legal advice and representation can make all the difference to your future.

Legal advice when accused of assault

It’s very easy to make mistakes at a time like this, and making the wrong move after the event will simply complicate matters. Lefevre Litigation is a legal practice dedicated to the intricacies of criminal law and providing the best representation and advice. Whatever the result, we can help you prepare for and deal with assault charges.

Time is of the essence when accused of assault

Assault is a highly emotive crime, and whatever the rights and wrongs of it may be, inaction or the wrong action will not serve you. We need to make sure of the facts and discuss the best way to proceed with your case. Please contact us immediately for high quality legal representation in cases of assault.

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