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Handling a breach of the peace

In the context of many more serious crimes, breach of the peace can seem like a fairly embarrassing but ultimately minor crime. However, the consequences can be serious, casting serious doubts on your character and leading to legal repercussions. Lefevre Litigation will help you proceed in the most dignified manner when dealing with these challenges.

What constitutes a breach of the peace?

An impassioned or ill-advised moment can lead to a charge of breaching the peace – if your behaviour puts the complainer in a state of fear or alarm, you can fall foul of the law. This can include something as simple as an animated argument, even if it takes place in private. It may seem almost trivial, but our legal expertise can help you from what can be very serious.

Do not let a moment’s weakness ruin your name

Breach of the peace can happen very quickly but have long lasting consequences. It is simply not worth paying the price of laxity when accused of this crime. Whether you decide to fight the charge or plead guilty, there are ways to minimize the damage. Contact us to book an appointment.

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