Fraud accusations can destroy your career

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Fraud – the most infamous crime of business

The crime of fraud has toppled many seemingly untouchable people from grace. It is a crime which not only endangers your current career but your future due to its infamy with both the public and the business world. If you find yourself accused of fraud, you need the legal assistance of Lefevre Litigation.

Experts in fraud law

Fraud is particularly a problem for corporations or financially affluent individuals because of adverse media attention. Lefevre Litigation has extensive experience representing exactly these sort of clients and have an exceptional knowledge of Fraud Law including the Bribery Act 2010 and its ramifications. We also have successfully represented a number of clients on allegations of DWP fraud.

Contact us right away when accused of fraud

You do not want to become a newspaper headline. When an accusation of fraud arises, be sure that you do not do anything rash: get in touch with us immediately to book in your first appointment so that we can discuss the best way forward.

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