Road Traffic Offences

Accident or not, traffic offences are always serious

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Rules of the road

A car is essentially a block of metal that moves at high speeds. If not properly and responsibly controlled this means that even the smallest of vehicles can do a lot of damage very quickly. Other road users and pedestrians have to be kept safe. For this reason traffic offences are extremely serious and carry stiff penalties. If you have committed a traffic offence, from speeding to drink 
driving, we will be there to offer the legal support you need to help you move on with your life.

Road traffic law

With more than two decades of experience in road traffic cases, Gregor Kelly has offered advice and representation in both summary and solemn, and in preparation of High Court defences, whether it is presenting special reasons or conducting exceptional hardship hearings or moving for discretionary disqualifications, no road traffic allegation is outside his knowledge. Make sure you get the advice that you need.

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We understand that just because you have been accused of a traffic offence doesn’t mean that the rest of your life stops. To allow you to carry on as normal, we offer early morning appointments from 7.30am. We will work hard to consider every aspect of your case without disrupting your normal working life.

Don’t let a traffic offence stop you in your tracks.

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