Sexual Offences

Accusations of sexual offences

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Sexual offences shatter lives

Sexual offences carry very severe punishment, both legally and within people’s minds. Rightly so – these crimes cannot be treated with anything but the greatest severity. If you stand accused, proving to the world, your friends and your colleagues that the charges are unfounded is of highest importance.

What to do when accused

The first inclination of any person when faced with this sort of accusation is going to be outrage and panic – it is the worst thing to be accused of. The legislation surrounding sexual offences is very complex, and you can quickly find yourself in a hopeless tangle without proper representation. With many years of experience, Lefevre Litigation will help you proceed in the best way.

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If you are accused of a sexual offence, you are in trouble. Do not take it lightly, do not hesitate to act. For legal representation and advice from Aberdeen’s leading criminal lawyers, get in touch with us to book an appointment right away, before you do anything else.

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