Handling accusations of theft

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Act before an accusation of theft ruins your prospects

From stealing something in the street to embezzlement on a corporate level, the mere accusation of theft can leave your future prospects in tatters. Once trust is broken, it is very difficult to regain. Lefevre Litigation has experience representing many white collar and corporate clients from accusations of theft.

Specialists in white collar theft cases

Lynne Freeland is our expert in theft cases. With over 10 years’ experience dedicated to criminal law, Lynne is among the foremost experts on the subject in Aberdeen. Specialising in High Court and jury trial preparation work with significant experience of Sheriff Court Cases, Lynne is perfectly placed to help you.

Find out how to proceed from the experts

Do not make the mistake of attempting any action without knowing the full extent of what you need to do. Contact us to book in your first appointment before taking any other action. With appointments available very early in the morning, we can help you proceed very quickly.

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