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Specialising in the complex field of criminal law, Lefevre Litigation have over 30 years of combined experience representing and advising white collar clients of the best way to proceed. An examination of Gregor’s LinkedIn will show the excellent standard of our services.

Gregor Kelly

A past president of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen and the Aberdeen Bar Association, Gregor is a well-respected and known figure in the legal profession. Noted for remarkable expertise, integrity and standards of representation, Gregor is both a Notary Public and the senior partner of Lefevre Litigation.
"Gregor is a first class lawyer and provides a service second to none, he is diligent knowledgeable and forthright. His level of professionalism is outstanding and his attention to detail and ability to digest information and present it in understandable form is a major attribute. Gregor will always strive to achieve the very best he can for his clients, his experience and gravitas is respected and valued in a court environment. He is a no nonsense, tell it how it is and lets deal with it character who you can trust and depend upon.I trust Gregor implicitly for his knowledge of the law, his ability to present a case, knowing he is committed to achieving the very best outcome for every client and his integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Gregor as the best and most effective in his profession."

Lynne Freeland

With over 10 years of experience at a number of respected firms within Aberdeen. Lynne is a Notary Public and has a proven track record in dealing with complex criminal cases. Lynne is known for her meticulous preparation and one to one guidance through the minefield of complex criminal prosecutions.

Liam McAllister

The current President of the Aberdeen Bar Association. He is also a Tutor in criminal procedure at Robert Gordon’s University. Liam has a great reputation amongst his peers at the Aberdeen Bar. He has a passion for Aberdeen Football Club and has experience in defending those accused of football related crime.

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